Over these last two decades, Provo’s mayors (aided by Provo’s city council) have violated our basic rights, multiplied our city code with needless regulations, burdened us with increased taxes, expanded Provo’s central planning over our municipal economy, and sold us into financial bondage to fund risky business ventures that are better left to private-sector entrepreneurs, among other such statist policies—and devised a sweeping vision statement intended to guide our city into an ever-more-statist future, which will arguably resemble Detroit’s bleak present.

Such policies might have been alright with King George III, but they’re unfit for a thriving free society as ours should ideally be—and, with effort (see Solutions), may become again.  Some may suspect that these indictments are exaggerated; in any case, we submit the following evidence and testimony for your humble consideration…

Declaration Committee Reporting

“Declaration of Independence” (1819) by John Trumbull

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