Corrupting Law Enforcement

Police officers should expertly assist us in defending our rightful liberty, not assist our politicians in subjugating us.  Whenever a political system’s elected officers shift their focus from defending rights to violating rights, it’s perhaps only natural for their enforcement agents to start to do likewise.  This is arguably why peace officers nationwide are being increasingly federalized, dumbed-down, and militarized, as their role transitions almost imperceptibly from peaceful defenders to violent conquerors.  Sadly, our own city’s officers aren’t necessarily immune, and their actions in recent years have aroused some people’s concerns about corruption, abuse-of-power and militarization.

(For more Problems, please see both Violating Natural Rights and Proliferating Ordinances.)

Provo's Police Officers

Provo’s police officers, perhaps being prepared for violent conquest of criminals.


2 thoughts on “Corrupting Law Enforcement

  1. Coby

    You should look into American fork police chief I was out taking pictures around my town and the cops were called for it and they labeled me a terrorist and when I confronted the chief on it he said that his officer was right and I was I was dumb founded


  2. Free Provo Post author

    Coby, my condolences! We live in dangerous times when our federal officers are waging pre-emptive war upon potential terrorists, and potential domestic terrorists are defined as libertarians, Constitutionalists, pro-lifers, homeschoolers, gun-rights advocates, survivalists/preppers, conspiracy theorists, et cetera. And, as for our local officers… Yes, it’s not only Provo that’s enduring problems like this―I’ve heard similar reports from other places in Utah County. In fact, I’ve hoped that this website might encourage others to take similar actions in their own respective cities. I don’t have either enough time or enough money to focus on other cities, myself―Provo alone is keeping me busy enough already.


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