Multiplying Our Efforts

A third key to victory is to multiply our efforts.

Getting ourselves educated, informed, activated, and organized is vital, but it’s also insufficient—one additional activist isn’t normally enough to reverse a recurring status-quo.  We liberty-lovin’ Provoans can consistently prevail on Election Day ONLY through persistently building our ranks until they become more numerous and/or effective than those of our statist adversaries.

We don’t need to persuade everyone, but we should try regularly to persuade someone.  Persuading our statist adversaries (such as members of the Democratic Socialists of America who are expanding their ranks here in Provo) to repent such that they switch sides would be ideal, and we should do this whenever possible, but such statists are usually rather hardened in their views.  So, it’s generally more efficient for us to focus our efforts on the vast majority of our neighbors who remain apathetic and/or ignorant and/or uninvolved.  Such people usually don’t spend their spare time chatting on Internet political forums, so it’s important to go seek them out where they are.

When we seek to engage people, numerous studies show that this is best done face-to-face, which is more effective than physical mail, which is more effective than telephone calls, which is more effective than e-mail.  This is partly why political scientists have concluded that, even after 150 years of technological progress, old-fashioned precinct-level activism remains the single best technique to help candidates to win elections.  (Also, it’s good exercise.)  So, that’s what we need to do—to get outside, to canvass our respective precincts door-to-door, to build a precinct-level organization of liberty-lovin’ neighbors, and to mobilize those fellow patriots to go vote as needed.  Perhaps with help from various online resources (see Resources).

This entire process of building a lasting precinct organization can’t possibly be completed in a single afternoon, but will likely require at least several weeks of persistent effort.  But, if our nation’s founders were willing to leave bloody footprints in the snows of Valley Forge to regain respect for their rightful liberty, then can’t we afford to endure a few sweaty brows and/or sore feet now-and-then?  And, hopefully, we won’t need to do it all ourselves—as we continue engaging our neighbors door-to-door, we’ll hopefully encounter others who will become both willing and able to join us. With their help, we can get our own precincts sufficiently organized by Election Day, and then start helping neighboring precincts also.

Because only about 7%-12% of our neighbors vote in Provo’s municipal elections, and because central planners normally prevail over free-marketeers via relatively-narrow margins, it won’t necessarily take much to tip that balance in our favor.

(For more Solutions, please see both Key #2 and Key #4.)

American Patriots Marching

“The Spirit of ’76” (1875) by Archibald MacNeal Willard


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