Implementing Statism

Vision 2030 / 2050 clearly recognizes the value (as we do) of both education and activism in fomenting political transformation, although its authors clearly have a different result in mind.

Its content indicates that our city officers want to help teach all of our children about the “roles of government” (see V2030 14.3.4; V2050 11.3.4), which they apparently believe is to micromanage everyone’s lives, and also to teach our children to uphold the socialistic principles of “sustainable development” (see V2030 5.3.5).  Do we want our children to grow up to become devout statists?

They also envision harnessing volunteers to help bring their statist vision into reality (see V2030 10.1.3 & 10.2; V2050 7.1.3 & 7.2); however, a proper political system doesn’t function in a “top-downward” manner, seeking to recruit people into serving its officers’ interests, but instead in a “bottom-upward” manner, seeking to serve its citizens’ interests in remaining free.

Free people can (and should) work out everything beyond rights-defense amongst themselves without political intervention, and politicians should intervene only as appropriate to assist citizens with defense against aggression.  And, when politicians prove themselves to be NOT rights-defenders but rights-violators, free people should work together to help correct that problem.

(For more about Envisioning Statism, please see Providing Recreation.)


3 thoughts on “Implementing Statism

  1. Deon Koitzsch

    Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!


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