If we want to improve our fair city, then we need both knowledge and action.  Here’s a selection of both literature and organizations that may help with effective activism.  If you believe that anything should be added, modified, or subtracted from these lists, then please contact us right away.

(For more Resources, please see Education.)


Here are some educational fliers that you’re welcome to download, mass-produce, and distribute among your neighbors.  We welcome any suggested additions to this list.  Please remember that fliers are generally less effective than face-to-face interaction (see Multiplying Our Efforts).


Here are some of Utah’s most notable liberty-lovin’ organizations.  If you’d like to suggest an addition, then please do so.

  • Free Provo was founded in 2017 to foster city-level libertarian education and activism within Provo in response to ongoing concerns about Provo’s habitually-statist municipal officers and policies.  It’s not presently formally chartered, unlike the other organizations that appear on this list.
  • Libertas Institute was founded in the 21st century in Utah as a state-level libertarian “think tank” to educate citizens, sponsor litigation, promote libertarian public policy, and evaluate candidates at a state level.  It’s arguably the single most effective organization at advancing rightful liberty within Utahn state-level politics.
  • The John Birch Society was founded in 1958 as a conservative advocacy group that sought to mobilize Americans to effectively oppose international communism.  It arguably produces some of the finest educational and/or informational resources in the freedom movement, and has a long record of victory in activism.
  • The Campaign for Liberty was established in 2008 by Dr. Ron Paul to support rightful liberty, Constitutional law, sound money, and non-interventionism abroad.  It provides excellent Information Age tools for precinct-level activism—canvassing neighbors, identifying supporters, and mobilizing them to vote.
  • The Leadership Institute was founded in 1979 to help conservative activists to understand how to succeed, and provides top-notch privately-subsidized training sessions nationwide.  Its trainees played a significant role in Ronald Reagan’s 1980 electoral victory.
  • The Republican Liberty Caucus was founded in 1991 “to return the Republican Party to its ideological roots of limited government, free enterprise and personal liberty and responsibility.”  It serves as the Republican Party’s conscience, and both evaluates and endorses liberty-lovin’ GOP candidates.
  • The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 with a platform of libertarian philosophy, and it has become America’s third-largest (and Utah’s fourth-largest) political party.  Some worry that it has begun to compromise its principles in recent years in nominating candidates.
  • The Independent American Party was founded in 1968 in Utah by people inspired by Ezra Taft Benson’s speech about the proper role of government, which remains the essence of its platform.  Although originally part of another party, it asserted its independence in 1998, and it has recently enjoyed rapid growth in Utah to become our state’s third-largest party.
  • The Constitution Party was founded in 1991 as the U. S. Taxpayers’ Party, and has developed a platform of principles derived from the Holy Bible, the U. S. Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution, and the U. S. Bill of Rights.
Boston's Liberty Tree

A sketch of Boston’s famous “Liberty Tree,” where Bostonians fomented acts of British defiance from 1765 to 1775.

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