Please Fund a Freer Provo

Hey, Provoan patriot!

If you appreciate what we’ve been doing, then you’re welcome to contribute financially.   Here are some tentative items on our “wish list” for this summer, in order of decreasing priority (and expense):

  1. Buy Free Provo yard signs and help place them around our city to invite all Provoans to view our website.
  2. Continue showing Facebook ads from our Free Provo page to invite targeted Provoans to view our website.
  3. Upgrade our Free Provo website to enable a few additional helpful features (such as a Facebook pixel, a PayPal donation button, et cetera).
  4. Register and redirect its visitors to
  5. Officially register Free Provo as a non-profit organization with a no-cost business checking account connected to our PayPal account.
  6. Anything else that we haven’t thought about yet but should.

Recommendations about the most cost-efficient way to buy yard signs are welcome, by the way, so that we don’t waste any money.  In any case, if you’d like to help pay for any/all of these “wish list” items, then you’re more than welcome to donate via PayPal to as soon as it’s able to receive donations; otherwise, please donate via PayPal to instead.  Thank you!

David Edward Garber
Organizer, Free Provo


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