Primary Election Day 2017 in Three Days!

This is our final weekend before Utah’s primary elections on Tuesday!

So, if you haven’t already started to scrutinize this year’s candidates, to identify the most virtuous wise champion of rightful liberty under Constitutional law, to actively support that candidate among your friends and neighbors, and to plan to turn them out to vote, then this is about your last good opportunity. In fact, today is a lovely summer Saturday to go knock on your neighbors’ doors, especially since many Provoans will be busy with religious pursuits tomorrow, work Monday morning and afternoon, and family Monday evening. So, please don’t miss this vital opportunity!  Our website’s Solutions section presents more information about such precinct-level activism.

As mentioned before, it’s our opinion that most of our city’s candidates this year may show great personal virtue but lack sufficient political wisdom. A few candidates seem to want to continue our city’s present trends toward ever-greater centralized command-and-control via higher taxes, deeper debts, increased spending, multiplied ordinances, violated rights, regulated businesses, et cetera—and this is unacceptable.  Some other candidates seem to feel perfectly alright with our city’s present degree of control over us, but simply want to manage its intrusiveness better—and this is inadequate.  Only two candidates clearly represent a different direction for our city, one toward total anarchy (which we believe constitutes an overreaction to tyranny) and another toward rightful liberty.  And this is why the latter candidate, who is Howard Stone, has our endorsement this year.  So, please consider voting for Howard this year, and helping your persuadable neighbors to do likewise.

We’ll be running some limited social-media ads over these next 72 hours (except Sunday) advertising our website, Howard’s website, and Tuesday’s state primary elections, which we would have started sooner except for periodically running short of funds.  Donations remain welcome.  And, with hundreds more dollars, we can even create Free Provo yard signs to attract additional Provoans to our website.

Hopefully, these references below may help during these crucial final three days…


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