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Provo’s General Election Results for 2017

America’s general election was held yesterday and, in Provo, that included elections for both mayor and three councilors.  Election results are not yet finalized, since our county clerk has not yet counted all ballots cast; but, if present trends continue, then here are this year’s election results…

For mayor, Establishment candidate Michelle Kaufusi, who seemingly wants a municipal government “strong” enough to decree grocery stores into existence, has defeated both fellow Establishment candidate Sherrie Hall Everett, who apparently wants to keep Provo “moving forward” toward the statist Vision 2030 future that she helped plan for it, and write-in candidate Odell Miner, who didn’t seem especially likely to either continue or reverse such trends.

For city council, Provoans re-elected incumbents David Sewell and David Harding, plus seemingly-like-minded newcomer George Handley.

These candidates were elected by only about 8,000 participating voters, who together constitute about 19% of Provo’s 42,000-ish registered voters, as well as less than 7% of all 117,000-ish current Provo residents.  This is an unusually large turnout for an odd-year election in Provo, but such high turnout likely resulted entirely from this year’s special election for U. S. Representative.  Altogether, these 8,000 participants, by majority vote, upheld Provo’s increasingly-statist status quo of higher taxes, deeper debts, increased spending, multiplied ordinances, disrespected rights, et cetera, which is tragic for one of America’s most “conservative” cities.

We Provoans who value our rightful liberty can do no more for it in this election, but can only start preparing for our next one.  We need to engage our neighbors in conversation, identify and/or proselytize like-minded ones, educate them, inform them, activate them, and organize them for perpetual victory.  And also actively seek out worthy candidates whom we can encourage to seek public office, and then uphold in doing so.  Which will hopefully avert a bleak future like Detroit’s and perhaps render Provo’s best days yet-to-be again.  Will you commit to engage in such political activism over these next two years—and beyond?


Primary Election Day 2017 in Two Weeks!

August has barely started, which means only two short weeks until this year’s primary elections.  If you haven’t already started to scrutinize this year’s candidates, to identify the one who will best uphold all that’s best in America’s exemplary political heritage of rightful liberty under Constitutional law, to actively support that candidate among your friends and neighbors, and to plan to turn them out to vote, then there’s no time like the present to start.  Hopefully, our website will help, but not unless YOU take action.  Please don’t wait.  Also, donations remain welcome.


Awakening Our Neighbors

So, what’s next?

As of today, thirty days have passed since this year’s set of candidates for city office were finalized, and forty days remain until this year’s primary elections.  Which gives us all a bit more than five weeks to awaken our neighbors to what’s happening in our city, and to rally them to go vote.

Only about 7-12% of Provoans usually participate in these municipal elections in recent years,  which means that only a few people (with a lot of friends in tow) can potentially make a BIG difference.

We hope that you’ll use our website to get informed, and also to help your educable neighbors to do likewise.  We’ll also feature a series of posts on our Facebook page starting tomorrow that will hopefully help, as well.  We always welcome any suggestions about how we can do better.  Donations are always welcome also.

It’s been suggested that we should hold regular meetings, perhaps to learn from one another, discuss plans, and/or get better acquainted.  If enough people want to do this, then we suggest meeting monthly at Denny’s on Freedom Boulevard near University Parkway.  If you’d be interested in attending such meetings, then please inform us via e-mail at freeprovo@gmail.com.

Thank you.



It’s Time to Wake Up and Go to Work…

Hey, fellow Provoan!

Now that we’ve celebrated our freedom from oppression, it’s time for us to go to work to help preserve and/or restore that freedom, including within our own city.  Political systems, rather like houses, tend to degenerate without regular maintenance—and, as Edmund Burke once wisely noted, evil triumphs when good men do nothing.  So, let’s please choose to do something for our rightful liberty, instead—and, better yet, not just anything but something that will actually prove effective.

As our recent municipal officers seek to outdo King George III in some respects, we need to help expose them for what they are, and rally enough like-minded neighbors to send these would-be rulers into retirement from public life.  We don’t need kings, even if we don’t call them such—instead, we need virtuous wise statespeople who will help us to defend our rights not run our lives.  And our fellow liberty-lovin’ Provoans will prevail regularly in our elections only if/when we grow more numerous and/or effective than our statist adversaries.

We hope that our Free Provo website will help in this endeavor.  Its administrator(s) may not include a Patrick Henry, a Thomas Jefferson, or a Thomas Paine, but they can still try to help awaken a (figuratively) slumbering city.  If you notice any errors or oversights or other opportunities for improvement in our website, then your suggestions are always welcome.  We ask you to share this website’s content with any of your neighbors that it may help.  Thank you.

David Edward Garber
Organizer, Free Provo